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LWPT Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust

Type: Support service
A charity which providers learning resources and financial support to Preachers and Student Preachers in the UK.

The Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust began its life in 1849 as a charity which provided financial and other assistance to Methodist and Wesleyan Reform Local Preachers and their families. The Methodist Local Preachers Mutual Aid Association or LPMA as it became known, was a lifeline for many and was supported faithfully and generously by its members through the years.

As welfare provision through the state became increasingly comprehensive there was less call on charities to provide for those in financial need which led to a fundamental review of the way forward for LPMA. The outcome, in 2005, was the formation of LWPT- a new charity with a wider vision to provide support for all preachers and leaders of worship, aiming to provide not only financial support but also preaching resources, events and information.

We are proud of our Methodist heritage and all it represents, but today LWPT is an ecumenical charity seeking to reach a wide denominational spectrum. We have been very busy in recent years, working to improve the support that we offer. This included the launch of Preach Resources, including a quarterly magazine, a website and a series of events. We are excited to see how God will lead us as we enter a new season of opportunities and challenges.