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Manchester Chinese Christian Church

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Manchester Chinese Christian Church is a non-denominational church meeting in several congregations across Manchester. Each congregation operates in its own language: English, Cantonese or Mandarin. We warmly welcome you to our meetings.

Manchester Chinese Christian Church is an independent, non-denominational church identifying with the evangelical constituency of the United Kingdom. As the name implies, its main ethnicity is Chinese and the major focus of its ministry is amongst the Chinese community in Greater Manchester and further afield. However, it is not exclusively focussed on the Chinese community and its long term hope and expectation is that it will diversify and include other ethnicities within its church community. It has pioneered and for many years participated in outreach to the South Asian community and more recently to the Middle Eastern communities in Manchester.   

MCCC is very clear in identifying itself as a local, British church. It does not see its purpose as re-creating a church from Hong Kong or Malaysia. While maintaining close fellowship with other Chinese churches in the UK, especially in the north, it also maintains friendly relations with other local Manchester churches and is well known amongst the Christian leaders in Manchester.

The church is committed to the missional community model of church taking as it’s base community structure the congregation. Each congregation in MCCC is encouraged to define its own missional vision within the rubric of the overall vision and mission of the church. Each congregation has its own leadership made-up of members elected by the congregation, and, ministers and elders appointed by the church. The church maintains a policy limiting congregational numbers to 150 adults after which congregations must multiply into two or more new congregations. Each congregation operates autonomously under the general policies of the church. The church seeks to foster a low control but high accountability culture.