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Type: Support service

Affiliations and accreditations

Mercy United Kingdom is committed to educating leaders, equipping individuals and empowering churches with effective discipleship resources, pastoral support services and residential homes (for young women with life controlling issues).

Mercy UK is committed to educating leaders, equipping individuals and empowering churches through:

  • Effective Discipleship Resources
  • Pastoral Support Services
  • Residential Homes (for young women with life controlling issues)

We look to address the root causes of issues individuals face, rather than merely medicating the symptoms or addressing the external behaviour.

We seek to help break the cycle of destruction by helping others find freedom and restoration through the services we provide. This in turn will positively affect the generation they will parent and drastically reduce the chances of history repeating itself.

We Provide:

  • A free, residential Christian discipleship programme for young women aged between 18 and 30 years old who are struggling with life-controlling issues such as self harm, eating disorders or abuse in any of its forms.
  • A free of charge support service to pastors and those who are seeking help in overcoming life controlling issues.
  • Mpower Training – our one day training course for pastors, pastoral teams, parents and people helpers
  • Keys to Freedom – our 8 week interactive discipleship course to help you live free and stay free
  • A message of freedom and hope, with a focus on (but not exclusive to) discipleship and keys to freedom within churches, through church talks, conference sessions and seminars.
  • Training for pastoral teams and those who want to help others in challenging situations.
  • A large range of resources to further our message of freedom.