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NetWorks Romania

Type: Training provider
NetWorks works with families, who are predominately Roma, living in extreme poverty right here in Europe. We run a holistic community development program focusing on education, empowerment and employment across three communities in the county of Arad in Northwest Romania.

In 1996 some of our team began working with street children and it was these children that became our teachers, leading us into communities of extreme poverty, taking us to meet their families and helping us to understand. We began to see the scale of the challenges that families faced daily and as we slowly built friendships and listened to their stories which led to the development of the holistic model we now call E3.

E3 focuses on the three areas of education, empowerment and employment.

Education is about long-term investment into the lives of children. If you can stand with a child from the age of 3 all the way through to finishing school, then by the time the child reaches 18 not only have their range of opportunities expanded but they see themselves and the world around them differently.

Children live in a context.  Empowering a family, to better understand and access their legal rights and to be able to utilize the resources that they have available to them (for example by lending basic tools and equipment) are some of the ways in which we are able to help families to be able to better provide for themselves.

Employment is empowering, brings hope and creates opportunities. Work becomes the very soil that gives life to vision. Vision for your children and for your family. Many of the poor are strong and able to work, but no-one in their family has ever had a job. Lack of education or lack of proper papers (identity cards) make it impossible to get work. They have become discouraged and lack the hope of finding employment. We can help people to begin their own small business, and run our own micro-enterprises to help create work within a community.

Our vision is to continut to live alongside and develop healthy trusting relationships with communities of people living in situations of extreme poverty pouring out our lives in service to reflect the love and mercy of Jesus, identifying real (rather than perceived) needs and then helping those individuals and communities to meet those physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We are committed to discipling training and equipping others to do the same. 

Our missions training program MTP welcomes people of all ages from across the nations to come and walk with our long term team, get their hands dirty, grow in faith and begin to see the knigdom of God in action amongst the poor.