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New Life Church, Woking

Type: Church

Affiliations and accreditations

A charismatic baptist church in Old Woking.

We want to be a church that equips all people to live a joyful and genuine Christian life through experiencing the presence of God, living by the word of God, loving one another as the family of God, and transforming the world through the power and love of God.

We will seek to fulfil our vision with grace and integrity, acknowledging our dependence on the Holy Spirit to make us a sacrificial and inclusive community that welcomes all people, and recognises that all people are on a lifelong journey of transformation. We are motivated by God’s heart of love for all people – revealed supremely in the life & ministry of Jesus Christ – irrespective of age, religion, status or gender. We are committed to Jesus’ Great Commandment to love, and His Great Commission to go; motivated by love to proclaim the message of God’s Kingdom in word and deed, and seeing the practical expression of this worked out both locally and globally.