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Our Vision is a just world where; Every young person is free from poverty and experiences healing by participating in breaking the cycle of poverty in their world.

Nicodemus Trust works with young people who are marginalised and living in extreme poverty in the UK and Guatemala. Young people growing up in poverty face multiple disadvantages in their health, social, emotional and behavioural outcomes as well as having very low or no life chances. Many young people find themselves broken, unloved and destitute living as victims of the cycle of poverty, who are not part of a stable family network, in residential care and/or are living on the streets due to homelessness. Joining gangs for protection, being sold for sex and living in very desperate conditions with no way out, feeling hopeless, lonely and confused. They become the victims who are entangled in drugs, prostitution and even crime under threat to their safety and life.

At Nicodemus Trust we provide tailor-made solutions for young people to rescue firstly, then restore and rebuild their lives living on the streets, homeless and/or in extreme poverty. We believe in young people and invest our time in them, equipping and empowering them through our projects. In the process of their own transformation young adults are healed and restored as they impact their community through social action and development, leaving a lasting legacy. As passionate Christians, we are called to journey with them every step of the way, whether they stand or fall, laugh or cry. Whether they live on the streets or at home; no matter what obstacles or circumstances stand in the way of their transformation.