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Type: Support service
Nomad is a Travel Health establishment, providing Medical Clearance, Short Term Screening, Psychosocial Health, Travel Advice, Vaccinations, Medications, Kits & Supplies.

Nomad Travel Clinics are one of the leading providers of travel health services in the UK. For over 25 years Nomad has assisted thousands of people, across 9 UK clinics, to ensure they leave prepared health-wise for their travels.

Doctor's Screening Services:

Nomad offers a range of Doctor-led screening services for NGO's, Humanitarian Aid and Mission Organisations.We assess the health and wellbeing of travelers and their families before, after or during travel, to determine their fitness to travel and work internationally. 
Our physicians have broad experience in global health and travel medicine, with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases. They are well versed in the type of work that these organisations undertake and the often remote and high risk areas they are deployed to.  

Doctor's Diagnostic Services:

Many tropical diseases may only cause illness weeks or months after the person has returned. Returning travelers who are unwell, or who may have been exposed to tropical disease, can attend for an in-depth medical consultation. We can carry out a range of tests, depending on the person’s symptoms and their country of exposure. A fully equipped-laboratory is available to our clinic for the diagnosis of parasitic and tropical diseases.

Nomad also offers a wide range of medical testing, from Zika testing to Bilharzia, if you have any tests that you would like conducting in isolation, Nomad can arrange this for you. 

Short Term Screening:

Short Term Screening (STS) is an online screening service designed for those on short term overseas deployments. STS assesses if an individual is fit for travel for work or volunteer trips up to 4 months long.  
An experienced Nurse risk assesses each application and has the ability to refer on to a Nomad Doctor or Psychological Clinician if there is any specified follow up needed.  

Travel Health Consultations: 

Nomad Nurses are all travel health specialists, headed by our own internal Travel Health specialist trainer. Our Nurses conduct a travel risk assessment for each patient or group, give out health and safety advice and recommend the best vaccines and medications for each trip. Nomad clinics are fully stocked with a wide range of travel vaccines and antimalarials ready to administer on site. 
With 9 clinics across the UK, Nomad is well placed to meet booking demands, located in; Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and 4 clinics across Central and North London- Canary Wharf, Bond Street, City & Turnpike Lane. 

Occupational Health:

Nomad has now set up a partnership with Clarity Occupational health, enabling us to offer traditional OH services alongside our current inhouse medical screening. If any of your UK based staff members are in need of having a full occupational review, are going through a period of long term sickness, or, you feel like help could be offered to ensure your duty of care to your staff- then Nomad can help. This service can cover home visits and work location visits utilising Clarity OH Advisors and Physicians situated all over the UK- there is also the option of telephone consultations, onsite reporting and much more. Appointments can be arranged within 3-5 working days from the point of refferal, with follow reports being received on the same day of the consultation, enabling a speedy turnaround so a pathway of care can be implemented as soon as possible. 

Psychosocial Health: 

Nomad covers a range of comprehensive psychosocial health services, including pre, mid and post deployment consultations, resilience briefings and trauma services to groups or individuals who have experienced a traumatic event. We can assess trauma symptoms & identify on-going support required and can provide Psychological First Aid (PFA) and debriefing, which focuses on understanding trauma symptoms & building coping strategies. We also cover resources & training for dealing with trauma and stress, particularly useful for those working in difficult situations internationally. All our appointments are offered remotely unless specified otherwise. Training can be offered in-house and bespoke training packages can be developed for account clients. 


With having our own onsite Pharmacy, Nomad is able to provide a huge range of travel medications and supplies. All of our medical kits are made in-house to our own high specification by our experienced Pharmacy team. We have refined our range of medical kits to cover every type of travel and travel ailment. For complete protection, we make medical kits which contain everything you will need to treat all kinds of ailments from minor scrapes to injuries, we make sterile first aid kits perfect for carrying in your daypack, containing dressings and lancets and have also designed a great kit to specifically treat travelers diarrhoea.
Our team can courier out medications and kits to either you or your sending organisation, and a wide range of our kits and medications, such as antimalarials, can also be ordered online and sent out for delivery on the same day. 


Who to contact?

If you would like to find out more information about Nomad's services, or would like to discuss the potential of opening up a free account for your organisation, then please get in touch with: // 0208 888 1405 // 07903648107