OSCAR | Christian Vocations


Type: Support service

Affiliations and accreditations

OSCAR provides information, advice and resources for those involved or interested in cross-cultural mission or ministry.

If you're involved or interested in cross-cultural mission or ministry, OSCAR is your gateway to useful UK related information, advice and resources. 

OSCAR is mostly aimed at UK Christians, whether they are based in the UK or overseas. More specifically, OSCAR is useful for:

  • Missionaries and Christian workers on the field.
  • Prospective missionaries and Christian workers.
  • Missionaries and Christian workers recently returned from the field.
  • Christians open to the possibility of working cross-culturally.
  • Supporters of missionaries, Christian workers and mission in general.
  • Anyone working in the UK as missionaries or Christian workers.
  • Anyone responsible for 'resourcing' any of the above.

If your work or interest falls into one or more of these categories, OSCAR is designed to take the 'leg work' out of finding missions related information. It helps you locate the organisations, services and resources you need and puts you in complete control of managing your own situation, whether you're a cross-cultural worker, supporter or enquirer.

Alongside this service, OSCAR also advertises opportunities for a large number of Christian and mission organisations, both online (see www.oscar.org.uk/opportunities) and at many of the UK's largest Christian festivals and conferences like Big Church Day Out and New Wine (see www.oscar.org.uk/exhibitions).