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Training Leaders, Transforming Iran Legal Name: Multimedia Theological Training Limited


We are an interdenominational community of theologians, pastors, counselors, and administrators from a broad Evangelical spectrum, working together since the Spring of 2010 for the flourishing of the Persian-speaking world and church.



Our vision is to see a vibrant and mature Iranian church, united in their love for God and one-another, transforming the Persian-speaking world for Christ.



Our mission is to equip and mobilize the Iranian church by training a new generation of biblically rooted, theologically informed and spiritually mature men and women of God, committed to lead and serve the church in loving God and one-another, transforming the Persian-speaking world for the glory of God.



School of Theology & Leadership

We offer a BA level program in Theology and Leadership through a blend of Online Classes and Tutoring, Week-long Formation Conferences, and a robust Mentoring and Field Ministry Program, all offered in the Persian language. We are a member school of the European Council of Theological Education.

Centre for Christian Counselling

Our team of certified counsellors provide in-person and online counselling treatment for the Persian-speaking Christian community across the world. We also provide training in Christian Counseling through video-based packages via our School of Theology and Leadership, and through day-events and workshops held in the Iran region.

Iranian Leaders Forum

Our biannual weeklong gathering empowers leaders to respond in theologically robust and Christ-like ways to the challenges and opportunities facing the Persian-speaking church and society today. The Forum strives to catalyse unity and collaboration between emerging and established leaders working in the Persian-speaking world.

Book Publications

We write, translate, and publish high quality books on Theology, Bible, Church, Leadership, Discipleship and Missions in the Persian language. These are used by our School of Theology and Leadership, and are also made available to the wider Persian-speaking church community through our Online Shop.

Shagerd Magazine

Our quarterly journal, published in digital and print form, makes available compelling reading material on what a Christ-centered life looks like in today’s Persian-speaking church and world, advancing a dynamic conversation between Christianity and Iranian culture.