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Partners for Relief and Development Organisation (PARDO)

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Southern and Central Africa

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Partners for Relief and Development Organisation (PARDO) is a charitable, non-profit, non-governmental organisation and doesn't discriminate in terms of race, ethnic group, sex and age. PARDO focuses its operations in regions of Cameroon which present social, economic and livelihood challenges.

The challenges of the 21st Century calls for people and organisations to meet the existing and challenging needs, by changing the way we act as well as our working models. The social, economic, political and financial challenges are increasing, and the landscape for development innovation is also changing in both positive and negative ways as more entrepreneurs, nonprofit organisations and active communities of citizens organize their own brainstorming ‘sessions’ to generate good social innovation ideas to solve challenging problems.

It is as a result of these new challenges that PARDO was created so as to embrace a holistic approach to solving human needs (children, women, youth boys and girls, men, elderly and indigenous people inclusive).  The concept of PARDO is a mind-blowing social innovation ideas that will have a more positive social impact and its strategies are a promise to a better future. We aim to achieve these transformations by carrying out community development project and provide humanitarian assistance to all, regardless of ethnic background and religious affiliation.

In accordance with Law N°90/053 of December 1990 to lay down provisions on freedom of association in Cameroon, the Network, Partners for Relief and Development Organisation was initiated in October 2016 and officially registered on 21st July 2020.  PARDO will continue to work in close collaboration with the government of Cameroon, Local companies, Embassies, international and national development partners, in order to find innovative solutions that meet the needs of individuals, families and communities population affected by social, economic and political conflict or crises.

The headquarter of PARDO is in Mbalngong, Mbankomo Subdivision of  Mefou Akono, Center Region of Cameroon. PARDO's is currently present in three regions of Cameroon, but will cover more regions as per the chances of extension and availability of funds.

  • Our Vision. PARDOꞌs vision is to serve humanity (children, women, men, youth, elderly and indigenous people) as intended through community engagement and partnerships. PARDO operates under the slogan "United in Service"

·Our Mission. The mission of PARDO is to foster sustainable community development, humanitarian initiatives that alleviate poverty, improve lives, living standards, and impact positive social transformation in partnership with local, international, public, private institutions and civil society organisations.

This will be achieved through the intervention in the areas of education, health, WASH, agriculture/livelihood, climate change and governance with a focus on human rights, access to justice, women empowerment, and protection of the vulnerable communities and individuals especially Internally Displace Persons (IDPs), refugees and returnees.

2.1 Goals and Objectives

The main goal of PARDO is to create partnership and contribute to sustainable socio-economic development for vulnerable groups and needy communities through community engagement, capacity building, advocacy, relief, and institutional strengthening at the grass-root, regional and national levels in Cameroon.

Specific Objectives

1.  To promote livelihood initiatives for poverty alleviation, economic autonomy for vulnerable populations such as women, children, elderly and indigenous communities;

2. To create avenue for human rights advocacy, peaceful resolution of conflicts, and sustain socio-economic recovery initiatives for conflict-affected population and marginalized communities;

3. To foster peace, justice, handwork, patriotism, conservation of the environment, and other positive social values in partnership with other civil society organisations.

4. To create awareness on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and seeking partnership for the accomplishment of such goals.