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Partners Relief & Development is a Christian humanitarian service organization with a vision to see children and communities impacted by war and affected by conflict and oppression, living free and full lives.

Children shouldn’t suffer because adults are fighting. That’s why we go to children affected by war and oppression, reminding them they are loved and doing all we can to help them reach their full potential. We’re investing in some of the most vulnerable conflict-affected communities on earth in order to bring practical solutions that build a future for children free from hardship and exploitation.


We have 3 big ideas to shape a future where children affected by conflict and oppression have the chance to live free, full lives:

  • Emergency Relief - Including food, shelter materials, and basic survival necessities during a crisis.
  • Sustainable Development - For community wellbeing and a nurturing environment for children to grow.
  • Strengthening Families - Restoring communities to stop the trafficking, oppression, and exploitation of children.


Our Projects

We value the capabilities that are already held by communities. That’s why we work in partnership with them, developing projects that draw people and skills together to establish creative solutions to the unique challenges they face. Our projects focus on these key areas - Emergency Relief, Education, Healthcare, Community Building and Livlihood.