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Partnership UK

Type: Support service

Affiliations and accreditations

We want to see a growing network of spiritually-alive, biblically-radical, dynamic independent churches which are effective in mission in their communities and which are encouraging one another in their Gospel work for the Kingdom.

Partnership is a diverse community of independent churches and individuals who share common spiritual goals and celebrate local freedom on the details of church life.

Partnership exists to encourage local churches, providing them with opportunities to learn and grow. We focus on networking and supporting leaders; connecting leaders of independent churches to other leaders; and guiding them to resources to help them be effective in mission.

We want to see a growing network of spiritually alive, biblically radical, dynamic independent churches which are strongly connected with their communities.

We don’t define what our partner churches will look like, because each will look different, depending on the circumstances and environment in the communities they serve. It is for each independent church to decide their vision and strategy. We want to support every partner church to be biblically radical, returning to scripture always as the basis for church life and action.