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Type: Support service
Strategy and Management in the Digital Landscape

We are general management consultants whose distinctive is combining in depth senior management experience of Christian charities with a real understanding that digital is about much more than social media or technology.

At PlanLab we believe that you can no longer separate strategy and management from digital and that is why we are about ‘strategy and management in a digital landscape’: helping your organisation to develop and grow in the current context.

Our mission is to give you insight into the digital landscape and help you develop plans to take advantage of the opportunities. We can provide you with the tools, methods and approaches to develop and implement these plans, helping you innovate.

We are happy to talk to you about a wide range of management issues. Topics you might want to talk to us about include:

Pursuing your Mission - new ways to do this in the UK/overseas
Reducing Costs - how to free up resources
Supporter Engagement - how to deepen relationships and reach new cohorts
Organisational Culture in a Changing World - how to become more innovative, flexible and adaptive
New Projects and Initiatives - where to start, how to develop actionable plans and keep them on track.

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