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Prayer for Israel is an interdenominational Christian ministry created to inform the Church about who, what and how to pray for the salvation of Israel.

Prayer for Israel is a non-denominational Christian ministry which began in 1969 as a response to the growing Messianic movement in Israel after the 6-day war of 1967. Since the pioneering work of the founder Ken Burnett and his wife Lillie, PFI has seen growth in Israel from around two in 1969 to well over 150 fellowships now. The first concern of PFI is prayer for Messianic and other believers in the Biblical Land of Israel.  Prayer partners also direct their giving to provide practical support and relieve hardship and distress in Israel and elsewhere (Romans 15:27). An independent Board of Trustees discharges its oversight duties through a team of executive officers led by the Director, and the accounts are independently examined.  PFI has good relationships with many who have a common understanding and desire to pray for Israel, both in the UK and overseas.