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Preachers Help

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Northern and Western Europe

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Enabling pastors and active preachers in remote or deprived areas to pursue sound biblical correspendence courses

Preachers' Help is a non-profit making organisation developed by a local Church. Our aim is to promote the full understanding and application of the truths of the gospel, by encouraging pastors and active preachers to pursue sound biblical correspendence courses, free of charge, in places where access to sound biblical teachings and writing is almost non-existent or unaffordable.

The objectives of Preachers Help:

  • To encourage those who are already actively engaged in the work of gospel preaching.
  • To provide teaching material directly related to preaching.
  • To conduct the Training Seminars and Contact Classes for the preachers to train and equip themselves in the Scriptures.
  • To provide Preachers Correspondence Courses to study the Bible in depth; indeed, nothing but the Bible, through which God's people can become what God intends they should be.