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Refuge Church Paisley

Type: Church
To pursue Christ in all that we do, to be a witness to those around us, helping guide people in love to understand their value and identity in Christ and to continually seek to understand His Word and the calling God has placed on our lives.


There is a people coming whose sole focus is the Church; they are a people who have chosen to give up self in the pursuit of the House, privileged and entrusted with the cause of Christ. Standing boldly before the nations, enveloped with His Spirit - hearts, hands and heads lifted heavenward as they glorify their God! Their songs echo through the valleys, their hearts beat as one, a house on a hill - its foundations built with faith, love and relationship, overflowing with His Spirit, calling the lost home!

What we Believe

Shouting out the answers, without taking the time to understand someone's journey, can do more harm that good. For us, its about the journey; its about building relationships that will make us stronger and will continually point us towards Jesus!

Defined by our relationships with one another - every individual created, called and entrusted with part of His plan, united in Spirit and purpose; immensely valuable and full of potential, way beyond our own ability. Every individual accepted!

We choose not to pursue just moments with God, but pursue Him completely and approach Him openly. When we understand the greatness of this opportunity, our lives will forever be transformed. Religion demands change, whereas a life in relationship with God, is truly transformed.

We are not a Church defined by walls, and we don't intend our worship to be limited to Sundays!

How we fell in love with people...

Shaun and Kate Wilcock both grew up in South Africa.  In 2001, they moved to England where they had their two beautiful daughters, Taylor and Chloe.  With a clear call from God, they packed their bags and moved back to South Africa in 2009.  Kate worked as the Children’s Pastor for a large church in Durban and Shaun started his own Company.  It was in 2012 when they both started working for LIV Village (Lungisisa Indledla Village) and where they started to discover their love for people.  Shaun managed, trained and pastored men and women from the local community.  His most treasured memories are spending hours with his staff, sharing about the love of God.   

Shaun and Kate felt God was taking them both on a road of discovery and their hearts were changed forever.  In 2016, they once again felt God speak clearly to them, packed their bags and moved to Renfrewshire, Scotland to plant a Church.  Knowing only a handful of people, their journey has just begun…