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Rev Dr Colin Lamb - Membercare

Type: Support service
Dr Colin Lamb is an independent consultant for issues relating to member care and culture and language acquisition training.
Colin provides Member Care and Teaches the following:
  • A Diploma in "Effective Biblical Counselling & Member Care".  Frequently by email
  • A Diploma in "Biblical Studies and Cross Cultural Communications".  Frequently by email
  • A course on Marriage and marriage enrichment

Colin and his wife Brenda spent 17 years working with New Tribes Mission in Papua New Guinea. In 1992 they left Papua New Guinea and the following year went to work in Latvia in the Baltic States. Colin was involved in ministry there for six years: in Bible teaching, leadership training and taking seminars. Part of Colin’s ministry was in member care and counselling.

Colin teaches pastoral care and member care courses. In 1998 they returned to work with New Tribes Mission for nine years, where Colin was responsible for developing the Missionary Training Course and worked with the team there training missionaries for cross-cultural church planting overseas. Colin’s present ministry in Member Care and as a Culture and Language Acquisition consultant, comes out of his experience in mission overseas and on home staff and it expresses his heart for Member Care.