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Southern Asia

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We have been established since November of 2007 and have worked, to date, solely in India.

Since we began, nearly eight years ago, we have grown from supporting one Children’s home to establishing twenty projects in four States in the South Eastern region of the country.  Some have come and gone, some have gone from strength to strength, but all our success remains dependent on our local partnerships: we have built fantastic working relationships with some outstanding NGOs and are privileged to able to support their work and grow alongside them.  In Chennai we work with Solomon Raj of Shelter Trust, who began with an HIV home, whose work has grown from his deep conviction to support HIV children, and who is now our key partner in South India.  In Northern Andhra Pradesh, we work with the wonderful Victor and Mary Parisipogula of Brighter Future Trust, which works with tirelessly with leprosy communities and HIV children. Together we have established seven new children’s homes in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Chhattisgarh.