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We are a Christian theatre company who are passionate about using the performing arts in dynamic and innovative ways to communicate the Gospel message.

Riverside Performing Arts puts Christ at the centre. We believe submission to God is the key to holiness, integrity and humility in our lives, and we value prayer as a vital foundation to our company. Following Christ’s example we seek to serve others in all aspects of our lives, blessing local communities and equipping individuals to reach their God given potential. We are part of the Great Commission and believe in sensitively communicating the Gospel to others in accessible, diverse, creative, challenging, imaginative and thought-provoking ways. We believe in a creative God and seek to reflect His nature by using the Performing Arts to inspire, raise issues, process ideas and engage people in discussion.

At Riverside Performing Arts we believe in professionalism, excellence, and doing the best we can with what God has provided us with. We value the greater productivity and creativity that a team can bring and believe teamwork is the best way to develop a person’s gifting and character. We seek to develop and encourage each person’s unique potential, and believe in helping individuals to discover and grow in their God given gifts. We encourage putting learning into practice, and we are continually listening to God in order to evaluate and improve what we do, as individuals and as an organisation.