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RZIM Zacharias Trust

Type: Training provider
The RZIM Zacharias Trust is part of a global organisation with a vision to help the thinker believe and the believer think. The Trust is a UK registered charity whose aim is to engage with people’s heartfelt questions about the Christian faith and explain the hope that the Gospel brings.


The Zacharias Trust is a Christian organisation dedicated to helping the thinker believe and the believer think.

Our team includes speakers such as Michael Ramsden, Professor John Lennox, Alister McGrath and Amy Orr-Ewing, as well as lecturers and tutors at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.


Our team has produced a wide range of apologetics resources, which include both articles and talks.


We also run a number of apologetics training events, which include day and weekend conferences, as well as courses of varying lengths through the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.