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Saltmine Trust

Type: Agency
Saltmine Trust is a Christian Charity and Theatre Company inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus. Our strapline is Faith Motivated Arts, because our faith motivates and inspires us to care for and value every human being.

Saltmine's mission statement is:  To be a Centre of Excellence, Releasing, Empowering and Equipping people through the Creative Arts.

We passionately believe in the power of story - theatre has the ability to visually and powerfully tell stories. We aim to reach all ages, teach people about real life issues and inspire faith, joy and hope through our stories, interactive workshops and creative performances. Our work is very diverse, from educating on social issues to telling the biblical narrative in innovative ways. In an average year, our team of actors, directors, writers, technicians, design and media staff create and present over 20 productions to audiences in excess of 100,00 children, young people and adults.