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St John's Church, Blackheath, SE LONDON

Type: Church

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St John’s is part of Christ’s church and it’s through him alone we come together to worship him in all aspects of our lives. - we are local - we are Evangelical - we are Anglican (C of E) - we are of all ages - we are culturally diverse - we are outward looking


We believe that our personal relationship with God the Father, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, by his Holy Spirit, is at the heart of who we are, therefore we value:

The Bible: as the written word of God and our supreme authority and guide in following Jesus in the whole of life.

Prayer: as the prime expression of faith in Jesus and our dependence on God's grace and sovereign power and on the leading of the Spirit.

Relationship: as a community of wholehearted worshippers and disciples of Jesus Christ committed to loving God and loving others.


We exisit to grow disciples of Jesus Christ committed to worhipping God in all aspects of life, espcially by:

Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ (Word ministry)

Showing love to others and in our communities (Deed ministry)


To grow the church and deepen our commitment to Jesus Christ.

This is encapsulated in our passage from Acts 9.31 'So the church,...had peace and was being built up. And walking in fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, it multiplied.'

By 2022, we want to grow in the following ways:

Grow in Outreach (Purposeful sharing of our faith)

Grow in Discipleship (Purposeful building up followers of Jesus)

Grow the Next Generation (Purposeful nuturing of the young)