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Stanmore Baptist Church

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We are a lively multi-ethnic, all-age community church in North West London

We are a vibrant community of all-ages and over thirty nationalities. The church vision runs on the twin tracks of the Word and the Spirit, and we are both evangelical and charismatic. Groups from the church regularly attend New Wine and Spring Harvest Conferences. Our worship is contemporary and Spirit-led, with both order and spontaneity valued. We value creativity in our services, with all-age, café-style approaches each month. We also like to be interactive and dialogic in our services. A key value is investment in people, and as well as the Senior Minister, we have a part-time Associate Minister, an Office Manager (part-time), part-time Finance Officer, as well as looking to recruit a new Children, Youth and Families Leader. In addition, the team work closely with the wider leadership of the Deacons as Trustees as well as community pastors Matt and Holly Sprink, from the USA.

We live in one of the most religiously and ethnically diverse boroughs in Western Europe. Most of our neighbours are Hindus, Muslims or Jews who won’t ‘come to us’ within the traditional church model. For over 10 years we have been developing ways to move toward our neighbour, including our Healing on the Streets ministry, Mindful Church Café in Costa, the Refuge Coffee van, and hospitality initiatives.