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Talitha Arts

Type: Support service
Non-profit making group of professional artists and arts therapists passionate about the potential to restore hope, dignity and worth through the freedom of the creative arts.

Talitha began by volunteering arts workshops to International Justice Mission, working in association with professionals in aftercare homes for girls rescued from sexual trafficking and violent abuse.

It is estimated that 29.8 million people are in slavery today, 80% of these are women and 50% are children. It is vital that the survivors of sexual exploitation are given the means to recover a true sense of identity and value. By building confidence, resilience and hope these vulnerable women may return better equipped to their communities.

Our work is expanding to other vulnerable client groups within the UK; particularly those recovering from trauma, sexual exploitation and/or emotional and physical abuse as well as dementia patients. Our methods focus on people’s inherent resilience and strengths and we find that our work has relevance and value in many situations