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Type: Support service
tastelife is about just that: tasting life. tastelife believes in breaking free from eating disorders, and rediscovering life in all its fullness. It exists to educate, encourage and equip people who struggle with eating disorders, or care for those who do. It offers the tastelife course, and also training for those who work in education, health, and youth work in helping people with eating disorders.

About Eating Disorders

People with eating disorders have developed a strangely bizarre relationship with food.

Eating is the stuff of life; it is at the heart of family and social interaction. It is something we all have to do every day to keep healthy in body, mind and spirit. It should be pleasurable and problem free. Sadly, for an ever increasing number of people this is not the case. Even if not suffering from a diagnosed eating disorder, more and more people are uncomfortable about their eating habits.

For many people with full-blown eating disorders, problems start with disordered eating patterns or when they decide to take control of their size and shape because, to their minds, their body image no longer conforms to what they believe to be an accepted norm. Before long, however, their eating or starving, whichever the case may be, begins to take control of them until they become utterly trapped in a cycle which holds them captive. Almost every waking thought involves planning food, counting calories, jumping on and off the scales and thinking of how they look to other people. More and more compulsive and deceptive strategies are devised to hide their eating habits from the world. They are then fully trapped into anorexic, bulimic or compulsive type eating disorders.