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Type: Support service

Affiliations and accreditations

tastelife is a tastelife is a supportive and educational charity that informs about eating disorders. It provides tools for recovery for those who suffer and those who care; and produces resources based on understanding and prevention of eating disorders. It has a network of trained volunteers around the country who run the tastelife 8-session group course, in the community or online. It offers eating disorder awareness seminars, training, and ongoing development of resources as part of a vision to change the eating disorder story in the UK. The Youth Track is the most recent expression of this commitment.

tastelife is about just that: tasting life. tastelife believes in breaking free from eating disorders and rediscovering life in all its fullness.

tastelife offers hope for sufferers and help for their supporters through the accredited tastelife eight-session community course.

tastelife is a registered charity No 1158516. It is a supportive and educational charity that aims to inform about eating disorders. It provides tools for recovery for those who suffer and those who care.

  • The ethos of tastelife is that everyone has the potential for recovery from eating disorders, but that this can only be done in baby steps that the sufferer is able to believe in. It provides tools to make choices for moving forward.
  • tastelife is intended as an additional resource to NHS support – in particular, the tastelife community course is designed to offer help to the many who do not receive NHS care.
  • It supports women and men, girls and boys, with any kind of eating disorder (primarily anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder)
  • tastelife as a charity is open and applicable to all. Its ethos is based on Christian values while not actively promoting the Christian faith. Its resources are therefore adaptable for, and sensitive to, those of all faiths or none.
  • tastelife also offers help and hope through a website, awareness seminars and training. 


    The Youth Track - Understanding Eating Disorders is an awareness module for schools and youth groups that is focused around prevention.