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Tek Ura

Type: Agency

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Southern and Eastern Europe

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Tek Ura is 3 interconnected parts – a vibrant faith community, a community centre and a development charity.

We’re passionate about transforming lives and building a flourishing community, where people are included and everyone can participate.

‘Tek Ura’ simply translates as ‘at the bridge’ and can best be described as having three

interconnecting parts:

  • Church - ‘Komuniteti i Besimit tek Ura’, comprised of community groups that meet to pray, eat, talk and work out how best to live out our values.

  • Community Centre - community space that has an ethos of a ‘shared space’ where we want our hosts to be invested and participating in the activities of Tek Ura, including decision making. Community Forums and focus groups enable involvement and community mobilisation.

  • NGO / Development Agency - Formed in 2016, Tek Ura is also a registered NGO and development agency that has rapidly grown over the past few years, providing a range of life transforming services, such as a physiotherapy clinic, learning opportunities and crisis relief.

From small pilots at the beginning - activities and projects have taken root, grown, and

become more established. So, what has progress looked like?

  • instead of begging and being used to find things in the rubbish - more children are getting a chance to learn and play

  • instead of people being ‘housebound’ we have been able to give more people therapy and equipment to do normal life things

  • instead of people being made unemployed, we’ve been able to help more people to get fit again and quickly back to employment

  • Instead of people feeling alone in their suffering - more people are standing in solidarity with those in pain

  • instead of being excluded from education - more people get another chance

  • instead of not being able to access crucial health services - more people are receiving  the health care they need

  • instead of being social isolated and subject to discrimination - more people are finding a safe place to meet others, and hear the good news