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Telford Elim Community Church

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The Elim Church has worked in Hadley since 1959 and the present purpose built church was opened in May 2012. Sited on a high-density overspill housing estate between Hadley and Leegomery the church has a weekly congregation of 100 and around 200 regular users. We offer a variety of opportunities for fellowship throughout the week, including Knit and Knatter, and Housegroups.

Telford Elim Church is situated in a densely populated residential estate in an area with nearly 30% child poverty (census 2013), 7.3% of children are NEETs, and the area also lies within the highest quartile of multiple deprivation. We work with Churches Together in North West Telford, have members who are part of the Telford Street Pastors, work closely with the Telford Area Mission Team, and are part of Telford Christians Together, and are able to share problems and work together to find solutions. Elim has historically been involved with reaching children and young people providing services for them eg the Sunshine Corner in the 1960s which many Telford people remember with affection and joy. Ongoing work has helped us maintain our good reputation in this field. Current members still provide support to young people through Sunday School and other activities - particularly through our links with local schools. The staff at Elim have vast accumulated experience in dealing with young people's needs and problems. The church works closely with the Hadley Methodist Church. It also has a member who heads up the African Afro Caribbean Youth Club. There is an important ongoing partnership with the HLC Secondary Phase. The school head has displayed great confidence in Elim by supporting a Share & Prayer Space in school, and by encouraging children to attend. The HLC Head has also requested that Elim's Youth Leader, when in post, works closely with the school in delivering school assemblies, after school clubs, helping with RE lessons, and supporting children who are regularly in detention.

Work with young people has always been an Elim priority but the need has now dramatically increased to the point where it has completely outpaced our volunteer base. To address the spiritual and social needs of this group initially we are seeking to employ a full-time Youth & Young Adult Leader who can oversee and coordinate the team, develop various areas of work and extend reach to more children and young people across the community who often have little or no experience of church or church activities. Firm working links have been established with HLC, which is an all-through school taking pupils from 5-16 years of age, plus an additional unit for children with special educational needs. Our church currently takes a week of school assemblies twice yearly, as well as running the Share & Prayer Space. Cross-cultural integration is an important issue here and opportunities to share activities and experiences are invaluable. By sharing the path and living the faith this next generation can be guided by example, as well as by instruction, to become good role models to their peers and the next generation.