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The Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford

Type: Training provider
A unique study and research centre

The Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford, is a unique learning and teaching community.  It is an independent Christian centre established in 2008 doing research, teaching and public education on the interface between Christianity and Islam.  We promote the study of Christianity amongst Muslims as well as the study of Islam amongst Christians; but we focus on developing cutting edge thinking at the interfaces, looking at scriptural, historical, sociological and political as well as missiological dimensions.  Muslims and Christians work together in a context of Christian hospitality.

Our Vision: Wisdom and hope in Christian-Muslim relations through transformed minds.

Our Purpose: We bring Muslims and Christians together to relate honestly, think rigorously, and explore our respective traditions and religious texts, through teaching and research, discussion and public education.

Our values:

·         Academic excellence

·         Building respect between Muslims and Christians

·         Truth-seeking and truth-speaking in both our studies and our relationships.

·         Hospitality as the context for joint study.

·         We believe that Christians should learn about Islam from and with Muslims as well as from and with Christians and ‘secular’ scholars.  We expect Muslims to reciprocate.

·         Our basis is ‘The Christian faith in accordance with the historic creeds and reformation confessions, which acknowledge the human and divine Jesus as Messiah and accept the Bible as the trustworthy, final authority’.  Christian staff are expected to live by their faith as well as to study it.