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The Chile for Christ Trust

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The Chile for Christ Trust provides vital financial support & encouragement to Chilean churches and missions, Christian families, and the victims of frequent natural disasters. Our calling from Isaiah 49.6 is to be a light to the end of the earth.

The name 'Chile' is believed to have been derived from a Mapuche word meaning 'the place where the land ends'. Since 1992 the UK registered charity Chile for Christ has supported churches and other Christian organizations, individuals and disaster victims in Chile, in response to God's calling through Isaiah 49.6 "to be a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth". The charity was founded by Rev Arnold Page, following a spell of work in Chile as a Methodist Minister in the 1980s. It is currently managed by five honorary trustees.

Relatively few charities in the West take an interest in the major South American countries, but their inhabitants need to know Jesus Christ as much as anyone else does. Chile suffers from frequent natural disasters - earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tidal waves and huge forest fires, while the enormous inequality between rich and poor means that many people live in extreme poverty, particularly some of the remaining indigenous peoples.

Over the years we have sometimes been very conscious of the Holy Spirit's guidance, both in raising funds and in deciding how to distribute them. You can read many exciting stories on our web site,