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The Diocese of Bristol

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The Diocese of Bristol is the Church of England across Bristol, South Glos, North Wilts and Swindon. We want to make the love of Jesus Christ known in every neighbourhood as we seek to create communities of wholeness with Christ at the centre.

30,000 people worship regularly in over 200 churches led by hundreds of clergy that we train and provide. 15,000 children and young people attend our 69 Church schools and chaplains are serving in institutions across our region. Rt Revd Mike Hill, the Bishop of Bristol, is the Diocesan Bishop supported by Rt Revd Dr Lee Rayfield, the Suffragan Bishop of Swindon. They both work across the Diocese but have community leadership roles in Bristol and Swindon respectively.

The Diocese comprises mainly the Bristol conurbation, the northern quarter of Wiltshire, with Swindon as a major centre, and Chippenham, Corsham, and Malmesbury as other centres. With an estimated population of 896,000 and an area of 474 square miles, Bristol is amongst the smaller dioceses. Bristol itself is a major urban centre steeped in history and the Diocese still benefits from the prosperity of the merchants who plied their trade from the city's docks.  Swindon is a 'new town' and was until recently the fastest growing town in Europe, attracting major industrial development and subsequent new housing areas. There is also much agricultural land and many of our parishes can be found in a rural context.

The Diocesan Support Services teams are based at Hillside House to the north of Bristol and exist to serve and support the mission of the church across the Diocese. As our churches live out the call of God, seeking to see lives and communities transformed and the growth of the Kingdom of God in their local communities, we offer them support, resources, training, and advice, equipping them in a multitude of ways

Our vision is to see the Kingdom of God come in the part of the west of England we serve. Our 2016-2018 vision is to Create Connections – inspiring us to build stronger connections with God, connections with each other and connections with our communities.

We have stated our purpose as creating communities of wholeness with Christ at the centre. When the Kingdom of God draws near people sense a change: They notice friends, family members or colleagues living differently – in their integrity and generosity, compassion and service. The marginalised and poorer members of their community are being cared for. Faith and community groups are working together with other organisations to address problems in our society. There is a renewed concern for the wider world, the environment and social injustice. And churches are not only attracting new members but gaining a reputation of meaning and purpose where all ages and kinds of people can come to know Jesus Christ as Lord.