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The Junction 28 Church

Type: Church

Affiliations and accreditations

Assemblies Of God Church

Our Mission:

A Church that plants Churches, full of disciples making disciples

Our Strategy:

To create a safe place for unchurched people to discover Jesus!

Be a proactive Church that takes the message of hope to all people rather than waiting for them to come through the doors

Equip and empower the Church to be the followers of Jesus they are called to be, a life changing, world transforming community

A City on a hill


Our Core Values:

1) Believe - we are a Bible believing Church. We believe in the power of prayer and are spirit led.
2) Connect - we are committed to share authentic relationships that permeate every aspect of what we do .
3) Serve - We believe Church is not a weekly meeting or a building but that WE are the Church! We encourage all who want to make J28 home to join a team and serve each other and the world as  Jesus perfectly modelled
4) Impact - We care about the lost and are committed to reaching them. We are committed to discipleship, equipping and releasing people and honouring one another.
5) Own - defined: “be the owner of, possess, have to one's name, have, keep, retain, maintain, hold, be blessed with, enjoy, boast "I own this house"” Serve,  commit, give and invite
6) Enthused - We are a community of enthusiastic, servant hearted Christ followers.
7) Excellence - We are committed to excellence in all we do because the Church is worth our best.
8) Safe - We have a culture that is welcoming, generous, hospitable and empowering