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The Lodge Trust CIO

Type: Support service

Affiliations and accreditations

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide accommodation for persons who require personal care - Christian support to people with learning disabilities. In addition, we provide work opportunities and teach new skills on our 20 acre site in Rutland.
The work at the Lodge Trust started in 1984, to provide a Christian environment where adults with learning disabilities can choose to live and work, knowing that their Christian lifestyle is respected and encouraged. We have 30 residents living in 20 beautiful acres in the Rutland village of Market Overton.
We believe that every person has his or her own unique personality, gifts and abilities. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to lead a full and active life in his or her home, in work, worship and in the community.
The Lodge Trust provides ...
A Home - a loving Christian environment where each resident has a place they can call home. We have a wonderful 20 acre site, with 4 houses and 13 flats that cater for individual needs - each house has its own identity.
Work - All residents have the opportunity to participate in work, where they can express themselves - work comes in lots of different types, for example woodwork, crafts, horticulture, laundry/cleaning, customer service and product merchandising in the café.
Work opportunities are open to both residents and those who live in the surrounding towns and villages.
Christian Support - One of the main reasons people come to The Lodge Trust is to live in a Christian environment, where their choice of living a Christian life is respected and encouraged. That's why we have a morning Bible reading and prayer time, attend local churches to worship God with other Christians, and enjoy one to one and group Bible studies.
Education - We offer training and work experience. Every resident has an Individual Learning Plan. We also teach courses like Living Independently, Developing Life Skills and Preparing for Work.
Recreation - this comes in lots of different forms: swimming, horse riding, snooker, sailing and cycling. The gardens and extensive driveways leave plenty of space for residents and visitors to ride bicycles safely and enjoy the countryside without fear or danger.
Also - we have a Country Park - including a café, log cabins and two caravan sites. All this provides real work opportunities for the residents and lots of recreation space.