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The Pilsdon at Malling Community

Type: Agency
We are a Christian Community who aim for a spirit of inclusiveness and acceptance in providing hospitality to people recovering from a life crisis and to wayfarers.

The Pilsdon Community was founded in Dorset in 1958 as a place offering refuge to people in crisis.  Pilsdon at Malling continues in that tradition alongside the ongoing work in Dorset, offering a safe space where lives can be rebuilt. 

We live in a former monastery on six acres of land leased from St Mary's Abbey. We have large fruit and vegetable gardens, free range hens, geese, ducks and pigs all of which give us a level of self-sufficiency.

All who stay at Pilsdon, and lengths of time vary according to need, take a full part in the life of the community with the tasks and activities involved.  Community Members take responsibility for the running of the community and the care of guests and wayfarers.  Daily life revolves around morning, midday, evening and night prayer.  All are welcome to join the community in worship.  Meals are taken all together with cooking and washing up shared.  The rhythm of life and the ethos of love and acceptance provides a framework whithin which lives can be restored.