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The Spring Children's and Transitional Care

Type: Support service
The Spring is a God led children's and adult service provider.


The Spring Children’s and Transitional Care is an independent christian provider of specialist residential services for children/young people.

At Woodstock House, we are registered to provide short, medium and long term placements for up to 2 children/young people from the age of 8 up to 18 with learning disability. We believe that a significant number of looked after children are best helped by the provision of good quality, evidenced based family orientated residential care. Amongst these we include those who, though they may not be able to live with their families, have such a strong sense of belonging that they do wish to make themselves available to substitute family care. We also include those children who find the intensity of family relationships too much to bear, and those for whom, as a consequence of past experiences, the notion of family life too threatening. 

Our thought-through therapeutic informed services are designed to cater for children and young people in need of genuine warmth, dependability, a structured nurturing environment, time to rebuild and positive refocus.  We provide a stimulating, caring and safe environment that is free from any forms of prejudice or discrimination. We work with various local therapists and psychologists to offer the appropriate combination of therapies to meet the needs of the individual children and young person. This might be based around art therapy or play therapy but the support we offer depends on need and not on a “one size fits all” approach

Our services are child-centred, person-centred adaptable and innovatively designed. We endeavour to meet each child/young person’s individual needs in a flexible and responsive way with protection being paramount. We aspire to offer a therapeutic informed service that develops a positive sense of self-image in our children and young people in a safe and stimulating high quality environment, with privacy as well as common spaces and spaces to be active. 

At The Spring Children’s and Transitional Care, we aspire to provide services that enable children overcome difficulties with traumatic past experiences, communication, learning and life skills.  We believe with the right care, dedicated support and needs-led therapeutic interventions; children and young people can achieve their full potential. Through our strategic partnership, we provide a therapeutic intervention approach that offers children and young people the opportunity to develop, to be listened to and to express their wishes, needs and feelings.  

What we aim to achieve:

  • A flexible individualised outcome-based, accountable support packages of care strengthened by the use of robust risk assessment processes.
  • A therapeutic nurturing environment for children and young people to rebuild and learn lifelong skills
  • To support children/young people achieve their full potential in relation to all aspects and dimensions of their lives, nurturing learning and out of school learning and their ambitions for their future.
  • A positive sense of self-image, attentive to their needs, in a safe and stimulating high quality environment, with privacy as well as communal spaces and spaces to be active.
  • As near a family experience as is possible, outward facing working with the wider system of professionals for each child, with their respective families and communities of origin, sustaining links and gaining an appreciation and understanding of their past.

Our intention is to work towards ensuring the comprehensive welfare of children and young people. We are committed to offering ‘authentic warmth’. It is a requirement that all staff adopt a two-tier approach, namely the Person-Centred-Approach and the development of Basic life skills. These approaches will enable staff to place each child and young person at the centre of our philosophy and ensure we develop Health, Education and Care plans that are needs led.

 To achieve our aims we will:

  • Create a structured, stimulating, caring and safe environment that is free from any prejudices and which offers children/young people the opportunity to be listened to and express their wishes, needs and feelings. To develop a multi-skilled, highly trained and experienced staff team.
  • Develop an effective key worker system
  • Ensure effective assessment, review and recording systems are maintained and adhered to
  • Work in partnership with the children/young people and the wider system to achieve the best possible outcomes for our children and young people
  • Motivate children/young people to engage within the community creating confidence and enthusiasm
  • Establish clear and understandable boundaries
  • Provide opportunities for children and young people to engage in individual and group activities
  • Plan time and meetings and key working sessions space for children and young people to communicate needs wishes and feelings

Our ethos and culture is founded in pedagogic practice promoting the development of meaningful quality relationships between staff, children and young people.  Our standards of care are based on core values of mutual respect and good parenting, respectful of privacy and dignity, promoting independence, education, protection, health and wellbeing, wishes and feelings, enjoyment and achieving. Although we have a religious 

We appreciate the complexities of this work and our responsibilities to ensure that once a child/young person is placed with us, the resources to meet planned objectives are available. Our work with children and young people is focused on supporting each young person to achieve positive outcomes and promote their active participation through :

A sincere commitment to Person Centred Planning and Approaches

  • Involvement of young people in decision making process and day to day activities
  • Adopting a partnership and community development approach to our work so that we can share experiences and reflect on our own community of practice
  • Motivating young people to develop skills to enhance their personal lives and economic well-being
  • Promoting independence and choices by providing young people appropriate support with daily living, employment and leisure pursuits
  • Ensuring young people’s individuality, sexual orientation; spirituality, cultural and emotional needs are met and respected by staff.
  • Ensuring young peoples’ dignity, confidentiality respect and right to privacy is upheld at all times

We differentiate ourselves by making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of children, by ensuring that every child and young person in our care, can grow, flourish and fulfil their inherent potential whilst enhancing skills that they already possess. We treat each other with Respect, Honesty and Integrity and expect this to be reflected in our relationships with children, their families, colleagues and external agencies. 

We will enable children with autism or learning disability to develop and achieve their full potential by:

  • Providing and developing person centred services.
  • Providing expert advice, education and support.
  • Promoting the awareness and understanding of these disorders.
  • Signposting interested parties to information and services that may be of help.


Woodstock home can be found on Woodstock road within key routes in and out of Birmingham City, M42, M40, and M6. It is located in Moseley area of Birmingham with ideal transport links to Birmingham City centre and various other amenities. The home is strategically located to a number of schools.  A specialist school - Calthorpe Academy which accepts pupils with a wide range of SEN, which includes Severe Learning Difficulties, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties, Sensory Impairment and Autistic Spectrum Disorder is within reach of the home. Woodstock is surrounded by a number of primary schools and academies. There are also a number of leisure centres and facilities, including an Action Indoor Sports and Fitness Centres - swimming, gym, youth club, football, bowls, canoeing, fishing and local library and Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park to name but a few. The staff enjoy strong partnerships with statutory, community and voluntary groups enabling the children and young people placed to feel protected with a strong sense of belonging.  

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