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The Waterfall

Type: Support service
Our vision is to help women, who have addictions and life-controlling issues, to regain their confidence and learn to live well. The Waterfall provides a loving, stable environment and a programme that promotes sustained recovery and equips women to engage positively with their family, and with society.

We are a new charity based in Southampton. We were aware of the gap, locally and nationally, in appropriate and effective support for women who want to leave behind addiction and other life controlling issues and of the impact this gap has, not just on the life of each woman but on those of her children and wider connections. In 2010 we believed the Holy Spirit was moving us to create a solution in our locality and in 2012 we gained charitable status as The Waterfall Trust.

At first we believed that this solution would be a residential recovery home. One day we expect to add some residential units to the support we provide, but we believe that God has led us to make day programmes the core of our work. In this way women do not have to be separated from children in order to receive rehabilitation. They can stay in their home town, attend support groups and one to one support in school hours and learn, at the same time how to cope with the challenges that life at home throws up, without resorting to substance abuse or other destructive coping mechanisms.

We started running a mini programme in March 2014 for a maximum of 6 women at a time with groups one day a week and one-to-one support fortnightly. Women who have attended came with a variety of issues they wanted to overcome: drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, suicidal behaviour, prostituting, criminality, unhealthy relationships and trauma remaining from rape, childhood abuse and neglect.

We have been working with Life for the World, who have over 40 years experience in rehabilitation and training churches in working with addictive behaviour. From November 2015 we will become their first Living Recovery Centre. The Waterfall Living Recovery Centre will initially run groups two days weekly and provide weekly one-to-one support and will exand to become a full 5 day programme when funding allows.

We are extremely grateful for the courageous women that God has so far brought into our programme. It has been a priviledge to walk alongside them, painful to share in their pain and a joy to see revelation, growth and greater peace come to them.