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Tyndale House is a dynamic academic hub that specialises in the languages, history and cultural context of the Bible. We bring together outstanding Christian researchers from around the world with the aim of developing Bible literacy in the Church and beyond. We want to enable all those who read the Bible to understand and appreciate it more.

Tyndale House is a Cambridge-based research institute housing one of the world’s most advanced libraries for biblical scholarship.

Through our in-house academic programmes we research the history, language and context of the Bible. We also offer rented private desks and affordable accommodation for those working in biblical scholarship or related disciplines at a postgraduate or higher level. We are located five minutes’ walk from Cambridge University Divinity Faculty and eight minutes’ walk from Cambridge University Library.

Scholars at Tyndale House are resourced with one of the best libraries for biblical studies in the world, staffed by highly trained professional librarians. We are intentional about creating an environment that fosters lasting relationships between academics from across the globe.

Our aim is to make the very best of biblical scholarship available as widely as possible.

To this end we are committed to making our research findings accessible at a non-academic level, equipping the churchgoing and non-churchgoing public to better understand the Bible. We have also invested significantly in bursaries for academics from parts of the world where access to good resources is limited. We make sure that our powerful online Bible tools are designed with simple interfaces that take up minimal bandwidth, and can be downloaded and used offline where internet access is patchy or absent.