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We are a church-based charity working in direct partnership with Anglican Churches around the world.

For over 300 years we have been sharing God’s love through practical action, and seeing lives transformed.

Our goal is to help more and more people ‘take hold of the life that is truly life’ (1 Timothy 6:19).

How we work looks different according to the culture and context of our church partners.

  • In Zimbabwe, we initiated a national programme to tackle HIV stigma so more people will come forward to receive counselling and treatment.
  • In Myanmar, we are supporting a programme to take healthcare into isolated rural communities.
  • In South Africa, we have developed a programme to provide church leaders with practical development skills.

Our programmes have a deep impact because they are run by local churches that are embedded in the communities they serve – communities that have often been overlooked.

We don’t give handouts, which can create dependency. Instead, we support the development of local skills and the empowerment of communities, leading to change from within.

Our programmes help people to unlock their potential and make use of the skills and resources they already have. As a result, lives are being transformed.