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Wheatley Community Church

Type: Church

Affiliations and accreditations

Independent evangelical church

OUR VISION: Forgiven, authentic, vulnerable, given to hospitality - a community of all ages who meet and serve together under the lordship of Christ. 

We believe we are being called by God to be an inclusive, accessible, welcoming and nurturing church community.  Shaped by His word, we respond to His lordship, His love and to this call by seeking to be –

  • A community that is journeying, evolving and learning together with the Bible central to our teaching and our values. (Romans 12v16)
  • A praying church, a place of significant fellowship and trust where individuals are encouraged and supported to grow and develop spiritually in their walk with God. (Acts 2v42)
  • An all age church, welcoming and catering for children, young people and adults alike, sharing our lives informally through the week as well as through our organised meetings. (Romans 12vv9-13)
  • A contemporary, lively and enthusiastic church, guided and equipped by the Holy Spirit and passionate about our faith and God’s love for all people. (John 3v16)
  • A church given to loving service, seeking to bring hope and practical support to those around us. (Galatians 6v10)
  • A church committed to sharing our faith and inspiring others to discover the transforming love of Jesus. (Matthew 28vv18-20)
  • A church concerned for the world we live in, seeking to bring God’s justice, mercy and compassion. (Isaiah 1v17)