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Whitefield Christian Trust

Type: Support service
Whitefield Christian Trust helps to provide housing for long serving Christian workers upon their retirement or return to the UK

Whitefield Christian Trust was formed to provide a solution to the problem of long term missionaries having no home to return to when they retire. The mission partners choose the location, and Whitefield Christian Trust comes in to help. Occasionally the house is bought in the name of the Trust and the mission partners pay a reasonable rent and continue to live there for the rest of their lives asthey wish. More often the Trust helps through an Equity Share Agreement. The Trust adds to capital available and the share will remain the property of the Trust. When the mission partner dies or circumstances alter, the property is sold and the money from the equity share is made available for further investment in new accommodation.

The Trust is as flexible as possible in providing homes for those who fit their criteria, who have been engaged in long-term service, usually defined as over 20 years. Since the Trust was established, they have helped many mission partners, including families, couples and single people.