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Worth Unlimited

Type: Support service
A charity working with young people, particularly those experiencing exclusion and disadvantage, to develop the motivation and capacity to be change-makers in their own communities.

At the heart of Worth Unlimited is a yearning for a world that's as it should be - a world in which all people thrive, the environment flourishes, diversity is celebrated and deprivation doesn't exist.  We know that this dream is shared by people all over the world and we believe that it can be achieved if we work together for the change we seek.



Everyone has the potential to be a change-maker, but for many young people, precarious circumstances and significant obstacles result in that potential being squandered.  Our quest is to keep that from happening.




As people who are committed to pursuing change, we have joined together as Worth Unlimited, a national community dedicated to inspiring hope together by:

  • Building safe and welcoming communities where there are opportunities for everyone to be heard and make a contribution.
  • Forging safe and meaningful connections so that young people have relationships of trust with significant, appropriate adults.
  • Expanding horizons, helping young people to believe that life is hopeful and dreams can be achieved.
  • Harnessing passions, gifts, skills and talents so that young people can make their unique contribution to the world.