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Seeking to address the unique needs of mobile international middle and high school students by providing caring adult role models who assist them in navigating life.

Today's business knows no borders. As international companies strive to stay competitive, leaders are increasingly being asked to apply their experience abroad. The children of these leaders are growing up in a culturally rich environment, attending the 650+ international schools designed to meet their educational needs.

These students are culturally aware, adaptable and often multilingual. But while their skills will help make them tomorrow's leaders, they often search for significant adult role models and opportunities to celebrate life with a group of friends. In addition to the normal pressures of adolescence, they often question their core values and beliefs in light of their corss-cultural experiences. Those pressures can lead to confusion, difficulty forming friendships, loneliness and a sense of belonging nowhere.

YouthCompass leaders walk with these young people, caring for them unconditionally and modelling respect and trust. They are able to be true friends to students in the midst of cultural transition.

YouthCompass encourages discussions of faith and its role in life. They are comitted to exploring these subjects in a spirit of open dialogue with students, caring for them regardless of faith background or experience.