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Innovative Youth Work, born in Luton, Delivered everywhere.

Youthscape is a national youth work organisation working for the good of young people of all faiths and none.

The charity was founded in 1993 in Luton, Bedfordshire. Over the last two decades we have built an organisation based on the belief that all young people are created equal, and deserving of equal opportunity and care. We express our faith by embodying that care, meeting young people’s holistic needs.

Youthscape is divided into Projects, each with their own staff team. In addition, a small central team provides financial, HR and administrative support across the whole organisation.

At the heart is the local team, working directly with young people in Luton. It’s here we develop and pilot the new approaches and ideas that are shared through our national Projects. We call this approach deep and wide - intense work in one community, leading to innovative training and resources across the UK.

Working in these smaller Project teams enables us to develop specialist knowledge and experience on key issues for young people - making our work more effective. But we also work collaboratively across the Projects, making the most of the experience and skills across the whole organisation.

Youthscape is governed by a Board of Trustees, drawn from both Luton and across the UK, which meets five times a year and collectively ensures delivery of its objects, sets its strategic direction and upholds its values. Youthscape's Leadership Team - comprising the Chief Executive, the Deputy Chief Executive and the Finance Director - oversee the day to day work of the charity. More than twenty paid staff and many volunteers are involved in delivering our work in Luton and across the country.