Youthscape | Christian Vocations


Type: Support service
Youthscape exists to see every young person in the UK reached with the transforming love of God. We believe that this will only be achieved through the renewal of the local church’s engagement with those young people; a church inspired and equipped with vision, skills, resources and the ability to innovate. This means that our primary focus is on inspiring, resourcing and training churches for the task of reaching young people.


We are youth workers. For more than 25 years, we have worked directly with young people and churches in our home town of Luton, Bedfordshire, and our work continues to flow out of this direct experience. Our vision to inspire the church and reach young people is rooted in both passion and practice.


We engage three key groups through our work. We invest in youth leaders, resourcing them for their task, training them to work innovatively with the emerging generation, and helping them to keep going for the long haul. We seek to inspire and train church leaders to create a context for great youth work. And we work directly with young people, both in Luton – where we continue to model excellent youth work - and nationally through events and resources which help to embed teenagers in their local church.