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Dawn beats fear to Immerse herself in mission

Dawn Fraser was nervous about her first steps into mission - but Serving In Mission's Immerse programme helped her overcome her doubts.

She had worked alongside people with drug and alcohol problems for some time, but felt a growing call to use her experience and knowledge in mission.

Dawn, who has a degree in psychology from Exeter University, said: “I really enjoyed the work but it was secular and we were explicitly told to not share anything about our personal faiths with the guys we worked with.”

“It was very frustrating because I could see that Christian faith was exactly what many of these people needed but it was impossible for me to share the gospel.”

Her search for the right placement led her to Immerse. Designed for people in their 20s, the SIM programme connects would-be mission workers with opportunities to serve and then mentors them through the whole process, culminating in either nine or 21 months in the mission field.

Dawn said: “I was very nervous to start the Immerse programme but the month of training at Wetheringsett was one of the best of my life! I met some wonderful people, we learnt a lot and had a lot of fun together.

“It was a great way to start the programme and understand more about mission and what we could expect from our placements.”

She spent her Immerse year working with Ray of Hope, a Nairobi-based charity which helps women with all kinds of addiction problems. They offer practical support and the hope of Jesus.

Dawn said: “Immerse has developed my reliance on God hugely and I feel that I've grown much closer to him. Even though I was really anxious before leaving the UK, it has been a great opportunity to push past my fear, stop relying on myself, and trust in God's plan. He has taught me so much.”

To see how you could Immerse yourself in mission, visit sim.co.uk and search Immerse.