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Doing UBM for the first time

Hi, my name is Luke, and when my Christian friends at university kept talking about how great UBM was I signed up for the Beach Team as soon as it was clear that my summer work plans would allow me to have a couple of weeks off. I spent a week in Looe followed by a week in Lyme Regis, and both weeks were a fantastic time in so many ways - the best bit of my summer.

My friends were right in that there were fantastic opportunities to talk to people on the beach every day, and though I felt awkward at first in not knowing quite what I was doing, everyone else on the team was really encouraging and I soon got into the swing of things. I loved time with the children and it was amazing to see members of the team talking with lots of families around the beach throughout the day.

Competitions like 'Beat the Goalie' were great fun (I certainly enjoyed being the goalie) and enabled us to interact with loads of people on the beach. Incredibly one tug-of-war had over 200 people on the rope, with the eyes of hundreds more watching us! Over the weeks I learnt to be really intentional during these activities and make the most of the opportunity to talk with people. I've been able to go back to my final year at university and to my church back home with new ideas for using events to effectively create opportunities to engage in deeper conversations.

I was greatly blessed through the amazing team leaders and older Christians on the teams as I was able to clearly see how their lives have been shaped by God's word, and I was greatly encouraged in the group prayer times each day and by the commitment to God's word in all that we did.

Going to the UBM Reunion increased my desire to be involved with UBM in the future, and God willing I'll be wearing the red polo shirt on a beach again next summer!