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Joy in Jesus

“Seeing the joy on people’s faces when they meet Jesus for the first time; that is the most satisfying thing for me when we share about Jesus,” Daniel* said.

Daniel has been serving with OM in the Middle East for several years and is involved in leading and discipling teams of 18 to 25-year-old men who travel around the area.

The travelling teams are made up of passionate men, willing to make a difference in a part of the world where the majority have very little understanding of who Jesus is and that he loves them.

“These teams can do what long-term and short-term workers can’t do. Young guys who have studied the language and received training, but don’t have families, can easily travel and go to difficult places.”

During one trip to the Arabian Peninsula, an evening conversation with a local man on a mountain didn’t seem to be going as planned. Daniel and his team felt like the man was more interested in arguing and debating than in sincerely listening.

Eventually, the team decided to end the discussion and go get some sleep. Daniel had one final Bible left in his bag and decided to give it to him.

Suddenly the arguing stopped, and the man became excited. “He had been searching for a Bible to read for a long time!”

Daniel enjoys developing the guys on the small teams, helping them to learn more about themselves and their Father, but also showing them what they can do to pass on that love to others. After a year or two, he encourages the men to serve elsewhere in the region for long-term work so that they can build deeper relationships locally.

The travelling teams provide an opportunity to connect adventure-seeking youths—like Daniel once was—with sharing God’s love with those who may never know it otherwise.

*name changed