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Málaga: City of Sun, Sea and… Short-Term Mission?!

Elisha Roberts spent 12 days in Málaga, a city on the south coast of Spain known for its golden beaches and great weather. Rather than hitting the beach, Elisha volunteered as a short-term worker at Diez42, a project serving some of the poorest people in Málaga: migrants. Here's what Elisha wrote about her experience:

'Situated less than 80 miles from mainland Africa, Málaga receives thousands of migrants each year. These people have often left family and friends behind, arriving in an unfamiliar city with an alien culture and language. Feeling isolated and disorientated, where can they go for support? How can they make friends? Diez42 is the answer for more than 200  families served by the centre on a weekly basis.

I spent my mornings at Diez42 distributing food parcels to families. Yet Diez42 is more than a foodbank; a significant amount of my time was dedicated to an English club for 5 to 12-year olds. From preparing daily craft activities, to decorating the classroom, to playing games with the children, it was extremely rewarding to help lead this club. Around 20 children came each day. Amongst other activities, they heard the gospel - many for the first time! The children’s mothers had their own craft sessions whilst the English club took place. This allowed relationships to be built, helping the mothers to learn new skills and gain confidence in their Spanish. 

My experience at Diez42 was incredible. If you're able to go on a short-term mission, do make the most of the opportunity. Never before had I spoken to people from five different continents in the space of two hours. Never before had I witnessed such dedication to sharing the love of Jesus. I'm very grateful for my time with the wonderful team at Diez42.'

Elisha served alongside workers from ECM and other missions. The Diez42 project is part of #HowWillTheyHear - a campaign that brings together global Christian agencies that have a heart to reach migrants in the UK, across Europe and in the Middle East. ECM is one of its partners.