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Making God part of life

I have realised that the students have a lot of pressure put on them to succeed academically. Part of this pressure they put on themselves but can also come from parents and universities awarding scholarships according to their grade. It has been great that I have been able to remind them that their identity does not lie in their grades but in Jesus. I have done this in the morning devotions and after a test. The fact that I have the opportunity to remind them of biblical truths in the everyday school life is a highlight of teaching in a Christian School. 

I was interviewed along with four other teachers in front of the Senior class about my decision to go to university. It made me think of how far I have come in my faith. I wouldn’t necessarily have involved God so much back then but depend so much on him now. I gave them advice not to agonise over their decision but to trust God. It doesn’t mean the decision isn’t important but I believe God will honour whatever decision you make as long as you seek him in it.

Chris – High School Maths teacher