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Mandy Taylor - our Short Termers UK Coordinator

Why would people contact you, Mandy?

WEC receive enquiries from the UK (and from around the world) from people who feel that God is stirring something in them to do with mission. They want to be obedient to his calling, but often don’t know how to go about finding opportunities.

When someone expresses an interest in short-term mission with WEC, what happens next?

I walk that person through the screening process, step by step. This includes sending them various forms (application form, health screening, references: that kind of thing), setting up interviews, and arranging orientation and training weekends. I’m also available to answer any and all questions that may arise. If I don't know the answer, I find out!

What made you sign up for this role?

I want to help people who have God’s calling on their lives to connect with the world’s deepest needs. People are crying out to God to help them, and that help often comes in the form of a willing person, who God himself has called to be the answer to those prayers.

Why is it important that we have someone like you?

Because I am committed to investing in every short-term worker. I’ll give each worker as much time as it takes to help them navigate the application process, get ready for their placement, and get their feet on the ground in the country they’re going to serve in.

What tips do you have for doing your role well?

Take the time to read emails carefully and listen well to telephone calls. Respond quickly, but also make sure you check out the facts first, so you can answer questions thoroughly. And be encouraging; it takes time and commitment for a short-term worker to complete the journey from first enquiry to arriving at their placement.

What is the best thing about your role?

That moment when you realise someone has shut their front door and is embarking on their journey to their place of service; knowing that God’s will is being done and that prayers are going to be answered.

Would you recommend a short term mission experience? Why/why not?

Absolutely! It gives everyone and anyone the chance to experience life on the mission field.

Please give one example of someone you have helped into mission.

Anna contacted us, knowing that God was calling her to Thailand and wanting to explore opportunities for mission there. I was able to link her with a school in Thailand which offered an opportunity to teach the children of missionaries. Anna is teaching at that school right now. She has had to be flexible about her teaching and move to online learning with her students because of COVID-19, but she has learnt all she has needed for this to go well. She has even recently begun a Bible study with some of the students. Originally, Anna planned to go to Thailand for a year, but she is enjoying it so much that she has decided to stay for a second year!

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